Guinea Pigs


Neil Harding McAlister




Soft and lazy                                      

Balls of fur.

Guinea Pigs

Will hardly stir.



They cannot bear it,

Unless to fetch

A nice, fresh carrot.


Twitching noses,

Shining eyes,

Looks of

Permanent surprise


Greet the day

With peals of glee

When each morning

They see me.


Do they really

Miss their masters?

Maybe it’s just

Food they’re after.


Piggies’ brains

Are very small.

Maybe they

Can’t think at all,


And life’s just

One scary muddle

‘Til they get

Their evening cuddle.


Questions only

Cause us grief.

I’ll suspend

My disbelief,


And pretend


Is a sign

These pets love me.




2003, Neil Harding McAlister

contact:   neilmac “at”